Some updated pictures from Picacho Peak thanks to a NF friend

Could be the last NF sign standing

Starting to show age, just a matter of time

Brick facade falling off

The red Naugahyde seats, supposed to be up-scale

Wait station, looks like the ceiling is starting to leak

So many memories, soon to be forgotten, many thanks to Bill for sharing.


  1. I can report that the Loveland, CO location is still standing near I-25 and the Johnson's Corner truck stop. It has a yellow roof now, but is still easily identifiable as a former NF by the distinctive external architecture, including the structure that once covered the gas pumps. Last time I looked, it was was occupied by an engineering firm or something like that. No idea how much the interior has been remodeled. There is also a former Stuckey's site further north on I-25. All that is left of the Stuckey's is a little concrete in the ground.

    1. I ate at the Loveland location several times as a boy. I sure remember that bee hive in the glass! I also remember the Stuckey's growing up, too.

  2. That site has been used by a number of business operations over the years and has undergone extensive interior changes. At one point it was a Western Wear store. I was last in the building 7 or 8 years ago and it was in very good repair.

  3. Sadly the Picacho Peak location has finally succumbed to what might possibly be termites and collapsed. I have photos if you can provide me an upload address.

  4. I have a new (final?) photo to post. Can't remember how I sent the last (above) set...


  5. Re: My last comment, please email me at




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