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Asking a Favor for any NF alumi

I am really curious in what order the restaurants were built. I am pretty sure the first one was in Eldon MO, but where was the second one. When did the big red roof concept come into being? What was the last one to open. I would love some history on the subject.

There is some info at:

This is a Stuckey's site, also an interesting place. Thanks in advance for any information.

Place mat and Menus

I have several copies of of place mats, again thanks to Roger. I worked to collect these copies so I could get the location listing. I found each issue of mats changed the list of stores and often had new "coming soon" listings, some of which never came.

I am sorry the menu pages are so light and hard to read. Possibly you can blow them up to read them better. I am sure we all remember the Travelers Farm Plate or the Country Dinners, but there are several items I do not recall. If you have any menu or place mat items I would love to have a copy.