Sunday, August 9, 2009

A quick post of a couple Nickerson items I own. Check out this really neat bank, it is a ceramic NF building from Lugene's, Japan. I have never seen one of these anywhere including when working at NF. It is about 6 inches tall.

This is the award plaque which used to hang on the left side of the opening when walking from the gift shop into the Dining Room at the NF in Phillipsburg MO. How did I get it? Well, it just came to me at some point. Do you have anything? I would love to see.

Cant get there without a map. This one is in terrible shape, but still lists all the stores on the back. A great item to have for only $2.95 (plus tax).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Asking a Favor for any NF alumi

I am really curious in what order the restaurants were built. I am pretty sure the first one was in Eldon MO, but where was the second one. When did the big red roof concept come into being? What was the last one to open. I would love some history on the subject.

There is some info at:

This is a Stuckey's site, also an interesting place. Thanks in advance for any information.

Place mat and Menus

I have several copies of of place mats, again thanks to Roger. I worked to collect these copies so I could get the location listing. I found each issue of mats changed the list of stores and often had new "coming soon" listings, some of which never came.

I am sorry the menu pages are so light and hard to read. Possibly you can blow them up to read them better. I am sure we all remember the Travelers Farm Plate or the Country Dinners, but there are several items I do not recall. If you have any menu or place mat items I would love to have a copy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nickersons Coloring Book?

This week something for the kids. At some point kids were given a coloring book. I dont recall ever having these, but thanks to Roger for sending me these scans. Check it out or print it out for the kids, you will never see anything like this again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The other Arizona Nickersons

While I was in Arizona I drove out to the other known Nickerson Farms. It was in Aztec on I-8 toward Yuma. When I got there I was surprised to find it was gone. Not burned, just gone. I looked all around for any residue, but found nothing. The gas tank was still in the ground, but otherwise nothing. This was a ghost town, there was not a single building standing at this exit.

There are two others on the list which were scheduled to open; Dragoon and Quartzsite. I went to both locations and did not find any indication of a building there. Quartzsite did have a Stucky's residue, but if a NF ever existed there I could find no indication.

The picture above is the gas pump islands and drive. The steel supports had been cut off with a torch. I guess someone wanted the steel.

Here is the front door looking down the building toward the kitchen at the rear. I could follow the nail holes where the wall was attached to the floor.

This one is the would have been the kitchen looking toward the gift shop. Again I could follow the pipes and nail holes. You can also see there is nothing else here, not a house or even another station. There used to be one, but only the gas island roof is left.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Calling all Nickerson Farms employees!

Did you start your working life at Nickerson Farms? Do you remember the tall red roof and bee hive? Miss the hot loaf of bread and honey butter? Well, you are at the right place. This blog is intended to be a gathering place for all NF Alumni. Over the next few months I will post pictures and information. I welcome your input, memories and thoughts.

List of all Nickerson Farms Resturants

Here is a quick list of all known Nickerson Farms Resturants. Some were built, but removed while others were never built. I am always looking for more info or a place I might have missed.

Aztec I-8 at Aztek exit
Dragoon I-10 at Dragoon Rd
Picacho Peak I-10 at Picacho exit
Quartzsite I-10 at US95 West of Phoenix
Menifee (Conway) I-40 and Menifee Interchange
Widener I-40 and County Road
Bennett 28 Mi East of Denver on I-70
Denver I-25 and 58th St/5775 Logan
Loveland 7 Mi South of Loveland on I-25
New Lisbon I-70 and Wilbur Wright Rd
Little Point
Rensselaer I-65 and 114 NW corner
Mt Comfort I-70
Seymour I-65 and US 50
Honey Creek I-29 and Honey Creek (Rosewood)
Newton I-80 and US 6
Stockton I-80 and Stockton/New Liberty
Williamsburg I-80 and Cty Rd L
Pocahontas I-70 and old US-40 and Hwy 9
Galesburg I-74 and US bypass
Marine I-70 and IL 4
Worden I-55 and IL 4
Braidwood 1-55 and Reed Road
Ottawa I-80 and IL 71
St Joseph I-74 and St Rt 12
Ashkum I-57 and Rt 116
Dix I-57 and City Road 12A
Ullin I-57
Marseilles I-70 and Marseilles Rd
Colby I-70 at Colby exit
Emporia I-35 and Burlingame Rd/12th
Hedville I-70 and Hedville Rd
Paxico 24 Miles W of Topeka, I-70/K138
Russell I-70 and 281
Pendelton I-71 and 153
Shepherdsville I-65 and KY Hwy 44
Fowlerville I-96 and Fowlerville Exit
Marshall I-94 and Partello Rd
Ottawa Lake US-23 and Stearns Rd
Pinconning I-75 and Pinconning Rd
Bellville I-94 and Belleville Rd
Hartland US-23 and MI 59
Adrian I-90 and Hwy 91
Dexter I-90 and US-16
Clinton Falls I-35 and Township Rd
Benton I-55 and MO 77
Cameron I-35 and US 69
Columbia Jct I-70 and US-63
Emma I-70 and Emma Jct
Harrisonville US-71 and MO-7
High Hill I-70 and High Hill exit
Joplin 7 Mi West of Joplin on I-44
Phillipsburg I-44 and Cty C
Platte City I-29 and 92 spur
St James I-44 and MO-68
Stotts City 30 Mi West of Springfield
Eldon Hwy 54, 3 miles south
Waverly 7 Mi East of Lincoln on I-80
Alda I-80 and Alda Exit
Mt Cory
Fargo I-71 and Hwy 61 (Marengo)
Blackwell I-35
Hinton I-40 and Methodist Rd
Mulhall 50 Mi North of OKC on I-35
Oklahoma City I-35 and Alt 77, SE 35th
Purcell I-35 and Johnson Road
Georgetown I-35 and TX 195
Hillsboro 8 Mi South of Hillsboro on I-35
Marion I-10 and FM 775
New Braunfels I-35 and Watson Ln
Palmer I-45 and US-75
Sanger I-35 and County Road
Wichita Falls US 281 and Missile Road
Weimar I-10 and US90
Madisonville I-65 and 67 Spur
Shamrock I-40 and TX 453