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Nickersons Coloring Book?

This week something for the kids. At some point kids were given a coloring book. I dont recall ever having these, but thanks to Roger for sending me these scans. Check it out or print it out for the kids, you will never see anything like this again.

The other Arizona Nickersons

While I was in Arizona I drove out to the other known Nickerson Farms. It was in Aztec on I-8 toward Yuma. When I got there I was surprised to find it was gone. Not burned, just gone. I looked all around for any residue, but found nothing. The gas tank was still in the ground, but otherwise nothing. This was a ghost town, there was not a single building standing at this exit.

There are two others on the list which were scheduled to open; Dragoon and Quartzsite. I went to both locations and did not find any indication of a building there. Quartzsite did have a Stucky's residue, but if a NF ever existed there I could find no indication.

The picture above is the gas pump islands and drive. The steel supports had been cut off with a torch. I guess someone wanted the steel.

Here is the front door looking down the building toward the kitchen at the rear. I could follow the nail holes where the wall was attached to the floor.

This one is the would have been the kitchen looking tow…