Greetings Nickerson Family.  It has been a long time since I updated, but here I am.  I have about 40 post cards from NF, all the same common building with the address on the back the only difference.  Well on E-bay there appeared this one in Waynesville MO.  Totally different.  Does anyone know if this was the first one?  Or was it a later one, possibly a Farmers Table?  I am open to thoughts and ideas.  Also if you have any post cards I would love to have a copy of the back, it validates the NF actually existed.  Thanks and keep your eyes open as you travel this summer, I would love updates.


  1. I would like to know if you know anything about Nickerson Farms pottery? I have some that have the restaurant logo on the bottom I was wanting to sell it and can't find anything like it. So I was wanting to know if they sold or make pottery there. Contact info

  2. This is a picture of the Witmor Farms Restaurant. I had heard that at one time it was a Nickerson Farms but had never seen any evidence to confirm that. When I travelled through Missouri on I-44 back in the heyday of Nickerson Farms, it was Witmor Farms. It must have been one of the earliest Nickerson Farms restaurants.

  3. please excuse me if I've repeated this information but I'm not getting confirmation that its going thru... so again I'm trying to let you guys know I have a large hand crafted plate for best offer. contact me if interested

  4. Found this website and was so glad to see! Wanted to advise my father, Albert Budd Vlach, 78 of Lebanon, Missouri passed away on January 25, 2013. My father was given his greatest business opportunity by I.J. Nickerson in the 60s in Eldon, Missouri. At that time, my father had Eldon Signs and was contracted to do the electrical sign work and highway billboards for Nickerson Farms as well as Skelly Oil Company. Some of you may remember my father and all the wonderful sign work he did for Nickerson Farms and Skelly Oil. I remember meeting Mr. Nickerson as a child and remember what a great man he was! Just wanted to pass along my father's great work and sincere appreciation for Mr. Nickerson giving my dad the great business opportunity that launched him into a great outdoor advertising career. Thanks so much! Jennifer "Vlach" Davis

  5. .We spotted the Nickerson Farms Restaurant in Az a couple of years ago as we were travelling from British Columbia,Can to Tucson . Since I am a Nickerson,I was quite interested in the place,though,unfortunately abandoned. This year again as passing by,decided to stop and see the remains...........havw been curious about this place,thanks to the bloggers here, I now know a bit more about it !Does anyone know the full name of the Nickerson that started the franchise?


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